Wireless router upgrade

In May 2015 a client called up because they were having a problem when a few people were connecting wirelessly to their current router. I decided to try out a stronger router, than I had tried out at a previous client, with the same 9dbi aerials that I had use before. When I had configured and connected up the router, I decided to test how far the range of it was. I first tried a room beside their kitchen, but the signal was too strong, so I went down a floor, but the signal was still good. They are on the second floor of the building, so I decided to give it a challenge by going down to the ground floor, but I was still getting a good connection for browsing. When checking with a speed test website, the speed did go down the further away I was, but the latency was still very low, so the connection was still very usable. Below is a picture of the router on site, though I was not responsible for the setup of the wiring.
Wifi in wires