So you think that you dont need to backup?

Whenever I have a client that I deal regularly with, I will make sure that they have some sort of backup system in place. It might seem that there is less of a need for a backup system nowadays, because editing software seems to have generally stabilised enough so that document corruption seems to happen a lot less frequently now. But the main element that has to be taken into consideration now, is the human element. With one of my main clients, there only seems to be a need to get a document back from the backup when it has accidentally been saved over with the wrong data. Sometimes these seemingly unimportant documents have had hours of work put into them, so there is actually a monetary value associated with them, but a lot of people are ignorant of this fact. There is also another kind of human who is not there to help people in general and they are the ones who will either delete the files on purpose, to get revenge for something, or because they just feel like doing it, to show to themselves that they have some sort of power. Finally there are the humans who dwell in darkness who will release malware that will attempt to encrypt your data so that they can try to extract money from you. I recently had a client who was doing their best to survive without an antivirus solution for the machines in his office and he ended up paying the price when two of the machines were infected with a ransomware virus that had ended up encrypting the documents on the two machines. The machines were also connected to a NAS, so the virus also was able to start encrypting the files on it as well, but it did not manage to get that far, because the machines were rebooted when the problem was noticed. At the end of the day he had to give up on the data that was on the desktops of the machines, but I was able to restore the data from the backup drive that was attached to the NAS. This was certainly a situation where having a backup saved the day, but you could imagine the number of people who were too cheap to get even some basic backup and have ended up having to pay the workers of darkness who write these kinds of programs. The backup systems that I install do not come with any recurring fees, so if you are in need of having a backup system set up then get in touch so that something can be worked out.