Postfix Groups

Ever since I have been using Postfix as an SMTP service, it has seemed as if there was one thing that it's frontends did not address in a user friendly way. To send an email to a group of people, you would normally have to create an alias file, then edit it by hand. This was ok for a while, but the client then started to ask for the changes more frequently. I had started to use Codeigniter for my web projects, so I realised that it should not be too difficult to put together a frontend, so I coded something up with Codeigniter and Grocery CRUD. I thought that it was best to use Codeigniter, so that it would not be too difficult to add any features, that the client might feel that they want. There was just one last problem to solve and it was that the Postfix alias updating command needs to run as root. Only compiled executables can be set as suid root, so I had to write a little c program to handle the updating of the alias file, so that Postfix would recognise any changes. I did not take too long to show an end user how to do the updates and this also helped to stop them from having to ask me to manually update the groups file.