Mini server relocation.

In November 2014, the client for who I had installed the first mini server had successfully grown from 3 people to more than 12 people, so they had to move offices. The have now moved to an office near Piccadilly Circus and they did need some help with the networking in the new office. I liaised with the telecoms company, that they had commissioned to install their new IP phones and network points. Once they had put in their equipment, I then connected up the switch so that the server could be accessed from the network. I also supplied a wireless router, for their leased line, which I had installed some longer aerials onto, so that it could cover the whole office and also win the fight with any other nearby routers. As you can see, in the below pictures, the server has also been updated to a new case. It also has a new motherboard in it, but I could use the same hard drives from the old box because the operating system is open sourced, so it will happily run on any board that it is compatible with. I have also set up a backup server that resides at the directors house and the data from the office server is backed up every week day, over their leased line, so that they can have a copy of their data in an external location. The remote backup server also sends out an email, when the backup has finished, that has the backup log attached, so that it can be seen which files have been backed up.
Mini server in cabinet
Mini server opened