Advanced network setup

You might have a fast ADSL connection to the internet, but might be finding that it is very slow sometimes. With the current low cost routers that you can buy in the shops there is no way to see who is using up all the bandwidth and the only option you would normally have is to buy a very expensive router that has more features than you need.

There is now another option and it is to use on of my low cost, custom configured routers which can be setup with just the features you need and will still cost less than any router you could buy with the same features. Features available include advanced QOS that allows you to browse the internet at a good speed even if other people are doing heavy downloads and blocking for types of connections that you do not want to allow, the router can also be configured to allow certain people to have a higher priority than others and it can also be used to work out how much bandwidth each person is using.

A system can also be set up to capture the network traffic and it will then be possible to view graphs that show the breakdown of the traffic that is being passed through the router.